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Support for 24 bit truecolor was added to xterm in September 2012 by its maintainer Thomas Dickey. It's an extension to the ANSI color standard using a compatible format and has been adopted by several terminal emulators.
To send a truecolor foreground color one must print "\e[38;2;R;G;Bm" where R, G and B contain numbers between 0 and 255 for the corresponding red, green, and blue color intensities. For background colors use 48 instead of 38. To print text in orange (#FF7700) one would use "\e[38;2;255;127;0m".

Truecolor Codes

Truecolor Escape Sequences

Truecolor RGB Values

Truecolor codes should be displayed as 24 bit RGB colors, similar to 24 bit HTML hexadecimal codes. Unlike 256 colors the displaying of truecolors should be platform independent.

Truecolor support is available in most terminal emulators as of 2018. Support in MUD clients is virtually non-existent as of 2018.
WinTin++ - partial support as of version 2.01.4

There is no universal standard for the detection or negotiation of truecolor support. The following methods exist:
By using the TTYPE TELNET option and checking for a terminal emulator or mud client known to support truecolors, such as xterm.
By using the TTYPE TELNET option and checking for the -truecolor suffix. For example: xterm-truecolor.
By using the TTYPE TELNET option and using the MUD Terminal Type Standard to detect truecolor support.


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Clients supporting truecolor

True Colour support page - XVilka maintains a list of terminal emulators and applications with truecolor support.