TinTin++ Mud Client Manual  
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ANSI Colors
Syntax: <abc> with a, b, c being parameters
Parameter 'a': VT100 code

0 - Reset all parameters to default
1 - Bold
2 - Dim
4 - Underscore
5 - Blink
7 - Reverse (back and foreground colors are reversed)
8 - Skip

Parameter 'b':  Foreground color
Parameter 'c':  Background color

0 - Black       5 - Magenta
1 - Red         6 - Cyan
2 - Green       7 - White
3 - Yellow      8 - Skip
4 - Blue        9 - Default
Xterm 256 Colors
For xterm 256 colors support use <aaa> to <fff> for RGB foreground colors and <AAA> to <FFF> for RGB background colors.

For the grayscale foreground colors use <g00> to <g23> and for grayscale background colors use <G00> to <G23>.

Example: #showme <034>T<025>i<016>n<007>T<043>i<052>n<061>+<070>+<088>
Execute this in TinTin++ to see the actual result.
Example: #showme <fca> orange <cfa> lime <caf> indigo <acf> azure <fac> crimson
Execute this in TinTin++ to see the actual result, your terminal must support xterm 256 colors.