TinTin++ Mud Client Manual  
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Syntax: #config {option} {argument}
When TinTin++ starts up it will generate a config file, it can be modified with the config command. Typing config without an argument will show the current configuration, and these can be written to file with the #write command.
The following configuration options are not enabled by default:

#CONFIG {COLOR PATCH}  {ON|OFF} Fixes color code usage on some muds, most notably Achaea, default off.
#config {CONVERT META} {ON|OFF} Convert meta characters, default off.
#config {DEBUG TELNET} {ON|OFF} Show telnet negotations, default off.
#CONFIG {MCCP} {ON|OFF} Enable or disable MCCP support, default on.
#CONFIG {LOG LEVEL} {LOW|HIGH} The low setting logs mud output before triggers, default high.